Shon White


I'm just dust with a pen; graciously given a talent for word play and redemption from sin...

Let me be the first to apologize -

I'm sorry if the things I say
Make you feel some type of way
About the way you're livin'
But that was a given...

I never had any expectations
Of being accepted
Rejection is the calling card
Of the message that I speak...

But to me
This is what success looks like:

Going hard for the cause
Because the cause is hard
Scrappin' and fightin' for every yard
There are no easy wins here

Winning don't necessarily equate to victory
You know that right?!
And just because I'm all scarred up
Doesn't mean that I'm losing the fight...

And this might come as a surprise to you
But truth is truth
I've got 20 centuries of conventional wisdom
To back me up

I'm not still standing here
Because of dumb luck...

"Man, who gives a d*mn?!
Sit down and shut the hell up!"

What's with all the hostility?!
Why so serious?!
You labeled me as delusional
And then get so furious

Oh, I get it

I'm supposed be scared now
This must be the part where I get shook
I hate to have to tell you this...
But it wouldn't wouldn't be the first time
That I've gotten my "*ss whooped"

(And I'm not afraid of how your boys
are lookin' at me either;
So do your worst)

'Cause where I'm from
The first are last and the last are first
And I'm the last of a dying breed
Being gathered from the dirt

Every since the firstborn
Of all creation paid for the curse
I've been immersed in His namesake
So if you're reading this
You know it's already too late

I'm wide awake
And seeing straight
No matter what you may call me

My eyes have seen the glory
Of the coming of the Lord...
So, a thousand apologies
Sorry. Not sorry.