Apartment 2b

"My writing started when God showed me the pen, and I have been writing ever since then".

Jester lived in Apartment 2A
This is my story I say
Josephine who just moved into Apartment 2B
Let's just see if a romance is too be
Jester who was curious about the new tenant on his floor
Did Josephine have a boyfriend, but to Jester's knowledge he wasn't sure?
Jester was thinking of a way to invite Josephine over
Perhaps a home cooked meal as a welcome dinner
Into Jester's world, and please enter
Josephine accepted Jester's invitation
It was persuasion being the indication
It was Jester's hope she wasn't attached
Josephine was going to be Jester's catch
As Josephine entered Jester's apartment, she was welcomed
The drinks were all chilled and ready to be served
Jester was reserved and well preserved
Jester and Josephine talked for a while
It was the demeanor of Quiet and a gentlemen being Jester's style
Suddenly Jester was given a kiss on his lips
Jester's eyes were closed and a romance blossomed as a tip
A heart beat of when

Jester's feeling of love until the very end.