Amir Samji

Any culture; she fits herself perfect; what a brain

A woman, a beautiful woman, a dream of men
 Mould herself; intellectually in a domain of men
 She performs very well in society, beauty of them
 Any culture; she fits herself perfect; what a brain
 Religiously; or secularly; she is a perfect emblem
 without her can't U think; or imagine of any name
 She is in herself genius; if she fails; you are blamed
 Ready to play any role to climb the ladder of fame!
 Very delicate & full of emotions; easily gets strained
 Joyful in nature; supports you in droughts; and rains
 without her can't imagine of beautiful life; think men
 Being a man; your life revolve around; axis of women
 Honestly; she bears more; but you enjoy being a man
 some religions say; she deserves more respect than man
 in our societies; we use her as a tool of media fame
 We make her dance at the tune of music; being insane
 When look at her; admire being God's beautiful creation
 But alas! Purposes we leave behind indulge in recreation
 when I think, I go beyond philosophical implications;
 that's what we're here for; think with humble inclination