Wallace Dean LaBenne


Professor, therapist, author and poet.

Mapping by timeless instinct,
ants store inspiration.
Finding their trail as distinct,
ants work navigation.

Digging nests and piling food,
ants show fine ambition.
Aiding their bit neighborhood,
ants earn a commission.

Transforming keen histories,
ants use aggregation.
Counting up their mysteries,
ants like motivation.

Thumping out great colonies,
ants face extirpation.
Safeguarding their destinies,
ants need mediation.

Preserving the nuisance pest,
ants remain a creature.
Conducting facts for the best,
ants act as the teacher.

Nurturing ants, although rife,
for this all awaken.
Slaughtering their single life,
ants are all forsaken.

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