Christina Peskowa

Another Woman

Hello, my dear readers! My name is Christina - I'm from Ukraine. I love poetry and write myself. Since 2012 I started writing in English - before that I was writing only in my native languages - Russian and Ukrainian. My poems are written in a simple English and are easy to understand. My topic is …

Another woman in your life
I thought I let it go..
But mind's betraying all the time -
All this does hurt me thou..

I'm getting jealous! I get blind!
I suffer from one thought -
That you were kissing, holding tight
To heart were pressing her..

Can't understand - how these pure lips
Could be not only mine?
I can't obey - to hair tips
I hate you both - that time.

My mind is drawing love from past
The one that's not alive
Why I am jealous towards her?
Now I am in your life...

It's not enough - the monster mind
Is picturing that shoot,
Where I have seen what you did hide
Your kiss .. with her.. That's brute..