Wallace Dean LaBenne

Another Reality

Professor, therapist, author and poet.

Where time in quiet stance
Is held in slowered pace,
The mind gently released
Not to be fully controlled;
Rather, in degree, to command the sun.
Where space in former distance measured
Is folly for reliance,
Stretched forth and rolling,
Perspective old turned back for new:
The brain creates a now intelligence.
Where configurations strange, to some,
Are risked for unaccustomed pleasure,
Joining elements dissimilar, yet fitting:
Nondescript, elusive, nameless,
Wherever attention alights, experience.
Where globules of liquefied being
Find souls drawn into one completeness,
Once united, remain a complemented whole.
Though the "gypsy" tears this soul apart,
Still complete in each, infinite, and free.

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