Gone Fishing

another night at the outback or New Haven, Manhattan

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Another night at the Outback or New Haven in Manhattan

To be young and intoxicated

Making the rounds to see

If anyone want to come home with me

A pleasant surprise your blue eyes

Time treated you well, I see

The lanky girl grew to be

A fetching beauty and Baby

A pleasant memory we

Had an afternoon in high school

You ran with a different crowd

But I always went for the heat

You were pretty underneath

Your flannel and jeans

Stoked me eager, I strove

To please you I would have

Lived in those blue eyes

But I was foolish, I never stood

Still long enough to love

So here we are in Manhattan

Young and sexy old friends

How do you think this will end?

Your boss oozes jealousy

What the hell do you see in me?

The rapier wit, the cocky smile

Could not get me past a county mile

But you shared the hard road

You know this city exploits the young

And we made it on the other side

For a while, if we can live the lie

Euro trash posers, preppy kids

All want the life we live

Until they get bored of slumming

And jettison off to Aspen

We will stay here in our rushed hours

Looking for more than warmth of a body

In cold Manhattan nights

Soundtrack: “Let's Stay Together-Al Green, Stand By Me- Ben E. King”

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