Animal bonding community (A.B.C.)

Poetry is therapy

I had some fun
With some deer
We made some runs
Not for beer

I collected nuts
With the squirrels
It's a lot of nuts
In this world

I fell asleep
Counting sheep
I know the wolves
Try to creep

Got a ride from a horse
Only now
Seen cattle in a church
Holy cow......

So I prayed with a mantis
I'm so lost like Atlantis
And then I spoke with a parrot
Raced a rabbit for a carrot

I bought a new raft
At the marina
I shared a few laughs
With the hyenas

Due to heavy flooding
Had to tip toe
I also went mudding
With a hippo

Pigs in a blanket
Not hogs
Chow at the banquet

"It's a lot of d*mn buildings"
Said, the beavers dam building

A kiss from a frog
A hiss from a snake
A lick from a dog
I get what it takes

I've bonded with animals
Just like the people
Our dependence on each other
Still remains equal

To be continued.......

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