Jane Lomas

Angers Switch

All poems included here are just first draft's. I hadn't written poetry for a few years, so to polish my art and find my muse I posted some quickly written poems on these pages so I could see your response. It has helped me by reading your reviews about my poems (all of which I have taken into cons…

She tries to be good, she tries to be strong
But something happens, something goes wrong
The switch in her brain that is usually switched on
Turns to the off, so now she thinks, she doesn't belong

Her pain turns to anger, as she thinks how she was wronged
So she breaks the window, steels a knife, then takes a gun
She knows where he'll be now, at a quarter past one
Hailing a taxi she heads for her x-lovers home

Hands shaking as she turns the key in the lock
She sneaks up the stairs, but then gets a shock
Her lover is not alone as he dreams, there's a shot
Ringing out in the dark but that's not her lot

The pain that she felt was to hard to ignore
Thinking had living with her, become such a bore
She stabbed and she slashed in a rage, in a roar
Till she was satisfied, her anger was drawn

She tried to be good she tried to be strong
Now the switch in her head, switched up to on
She called the police and told of what had she done
Then sat in a corner weeping, what went so wrong

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