Guillermo Gomez


I am a new poet, book writer, songs writer and singer. I been writing since Nov 2009 and I enjoy inspiring others with my words. We all have the right to be fully happy and sometimes a poem, a statement, a book or a song can give us a new direction, can become a light and change our life for good. …

Anger is one of the ways in which the devil try to separates us from our internal peace and we should do whatever it takes to eliminate anger from our life, eliminating completely the one within ourselves and keeping away from people that usually fall into a state of anger.
Anger is not the path to achieve anything; the true way is forgiveness, understanding and acceptance of all situations in our life. Nothing is perfect besides God but the times of God are perfect.
The kingdom of God is within our heart and in this kingdom anger does not have a place.
For every minute of anger we lose 60 seconds of peace and happiness. Never be anger, stay calm, and be cool. Everything has a solution and all things are possible and dreams come true only when we believe.