Dumka Vincent

And my pearl of agony.

I am a lover of poem.I love to read and write and my first letter was addressed to my headmaster,requested that he assist my mother to pay off my school exammination fee.At the age 6 years,I had already started writing my short story books.But though,some life experiences had also contributed towar…

..I wish this scar of stollen pride is waste away,
..clean out of my restless thinking,
..burried like i cannot return to it...never,
..and scrape out from my entire living.

..It was in a morning of hope,
..ready to explore daily means of survival,
..and behind my hut laid above the landscape,
..un-ending lengthiness of a gas pipe.

..While beneath the earth,is burried a feets of tones,
..of extracted link that sucks the earth,
..in danger,hung us in fear of extintion,
..its unhealthy instinct,walloped us to scare.

..Just a misery dawned on us,
..a spilage occured,gushed out in anger,
..swept across the vast land...like a flooded tsunami.

..Took toll of our blessed land,
..we became homeless like wanderers,
..and clad us in travails of languish as error of life.

..I sprout out like a virgin land with freshness,
..but disdained by forces of oil exploration,
..and exploitation,with its evil...that spilted mercylessly,
..world with calamities came after us.

..Those means we lived by,erased out,
..and vanished our young souls,
..desired to whisked the survival,
..tarnished the span of nature to man.

..Behold me today,
..homeless i am,hoping...
..that i will crawl out of this shabby distraught,
..holding my faith to hang on.

..Borrow me a pair of your old shoes,
..get me a tored pieces of your loin,
..and shave my head to be born anew,
..and mend my cloth to shine.

..As i shall become a hero for them,
..gather them before my palm,
..and shield like a hen,
..this pains of loosing our treasure.

..I lived by,slap my intention,
..as long i ponder,
..please help!

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