Inge Meldgaard

An Old Friend

Born in Denmark in 1953, I migrated to Australia with my family in 1957. After spending my school years in Yallourn, I moved to Melbourne in 1970 to attend Monash University. Having graduated with a science degree in 1975, I worked in various fields, such as youth work, teaching, politics (with a s…

“Let me tell you a story” ~
the oldest of all good lines.
It begins with you
and ends with me,
as many good stories do.
I can already see you smiling.

Yes, when you were born
you were so small,
as most newborns are.
Time passed and you grew
into the tallest amongst us.
You whispered words of kindness
and sheltered all in need.

In springtime, your bounty
delighted us,
and in summer, it grew,
until, in autumn, you gave it to me.
In the sweetness of preserves,
your generosity will be
remembered throughout
the long winter.

Your arms reach up to the sky,
while your feet are firmly
bound by the warm earth.
Your body is now wizened,
yet still strong and full of life.
For many years to come we will
keep each other company,
and I will read stories
beneath your friendly boughs.