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An Essay On Poetry

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I can come up with some pretty good stuff, if I do say so myself, but I'm not the best, but, even I can come up with all that "wildflowers bloom in the winter air, a picture perfect of what wasn't there" mumbo jumbo nature junk that doesn't mean anything. I mean I love nature, I'm outside all the time, but for a pretty little poem like what I see on's greatest poem's list to really get my attention, it can't be a bunch of meaningless big and pretty words with a whole bunch of readers who pretend to know what your talking about reviewing and pretending to understand, and even you the author probably dont know what your talking about, but it has to be something heartfelt. I LOVE the simple poems that don't need any big complicated words to make it sound official, it has to be heartfelt and have a meaning. how does "trees are sweeter than lemon drops on a warm summer night" mean anything? it sounds good, but means NOTHING! It doesn't mean that i love nature, or i love this girl, or i love trees, or such is the way of life, or anything. its just a bunch of meaningless words that sound pretty. "nature's veil of darkness shone over the sky, sparkling and twinkling with each sugar sweet second that ticked by on life's clock." sure does sound pretty, stating that life is short and stars twinkle with couple pretty words sprinkled in but what message does it convey? truthfully, i cant come up with any good example because i'm not good at making up a bunch of nonsense whimsical bull crap poems. real art means something, and comes from the heart. art isn't a bunch of words put together to sound good. you may think your clever and are making a poetic masterpiece that the poets of old would even respect, and only they could possibly understand the complexity of it, but let's face it, nobody, not even you the author knows what your talking about. I've posted a few reviews stating that I didn't really understand what message some poets were trying to convey, but I felt that there WAS a message and that the poem was heartfelt. the poems i am referring too are simply the big giant ones that have very pretty and sophisticated words and the author thinks he's instilling a hidden message within his poem. well good sir and maam's I assure you, you are all idiots. Thank you for reading my essay on poetry.