Bertha Morin

An Angel Sent

I live in Ontario canada. I am a mother of three children and a grandmother of three. I am proud of my children and my grandchildren. They are my life. I am a staying at home mom who likes to write poetry when am in my deepest thoughts.

A pure little angel was sent to me
Descending from heaven slid down to see
The world was waiting to hear his cry
I was right there standing by.

This little angel is so fragile
Like a shinning star unto crystals
He lit up the sky as he opened his eyes
Wondering what hapenned, he is quite alive.

A pure little angel is sent to me
Only for a time, I must agree
A spiritual life as you can see
My love for him will always be

This little angel is so fragile
Hiding my tears I try to smile
Going back home to his family
To live in love 'n' in harmony.