Brett Laine Elliott

America's Mind

You wake to the sound
 to the vision of war
Your mind doesn't work right
 not like the night before

A nation is wounded
 as twins fell to the floor
Two more birds were taken
 to up the score more

It troubles your heart
 and it troubles your soul
Not knowing the reasons
 this was done for

What to do now?
 not like the day before
You need meaning is something
 before this means war

You try to get ready
 but ready for what
All you have is this anger
 with nowhere to thrust

As the shock lessens slightly
 and a moment for thought
This could be your last second
 all the innocence lost

A nation together
 in mourning and grief
And anger abound
 to retribute this thief

The freedom you've shared
 together you've lost
So together you'll come
 no matter the cost

You believe in your heart
 in the home of the brave
So you'll fight to the end
 to keep it that way

The cause may not need
 for your blood to shed
But giving it freely
 will help as they said

The world now is different
 as you look around
As the President speaks
 there is nary a sound

Before, much indifference
 as to what's being said
But this day and moment
 no one turns their head

Tomorrow will bring
 the next day of the fight
So live it with passion
 and pray for what's right

For the cry's of the wounded
 and the cry's of the lost
You'll remember them always
 as God welcomes his flock