Amber (Riley) Alert

I can't write about myself in third person, so let's make this an autobiography.I'm Rachel. I'm a nineteen year old college student. And, well, I'm pretty boring. I'm awkward, and I'm selfish. I'm both too serious and too whimsical. I'm hundreds of conflicts contained in a girl. I've only had one r…

I tear through the house,
A tornado of anger and rage.
What happened?!
I thought we were finally on the same page!

I destroy the closets,
And I rip apart the couch.
I search, and I search
But what I seek cannot be found.

As my hope takes a shallow breath,
I look under your unmade bed.
Hope is snatched from the brink of death.
What was going on in your head?!

Just have a seat here next to me,
And watch all of these first season dvds.
If you do, I promise to stop being mad.
And maybe, just maybe, you’ll see Glee isn’t so bad.

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