Wesley Morin

Almost Home

I was borne in the soul of misery and I never had me a name... they just gave me a number when I was young... ***BANNED IN A HUNDRED THOUSAND COUNTRIES***

Crack the window
to keep my breath
Waiting for you to come back
so we can cheat death
Counting the beads of sweat
Salty droplets
Tears of endurance
Smack my snout
and put me down
Savor the shreds of your indulgence
Tempt me with your tasty flesh
Activate my instincts
My sixth and seventh senses

Why should I come back home
if we can't be close together, misses?
What I miss the most is when she kisses
If only I could hold your hand
I feel like something bad is going to happen
She can speak to the animals...
but will she understand me in the muzzle,
when my straight jacket's been fastened?

This is never good-bye
It's not like I lost my mind
I know forever's a lie
I don't dare claim you're mine
This is never good-bye
I'll dream you back to life
I know the future
I'm out of time

The family is fragmented
so I can be excised, immersed
Now, do your worst, do your magick
and history's revised, reversed

Black sheep fleece
hanging from the clothesline
Now it seems I'm smiling
Skinned alive
How's this for trying?
A handful of confidence
dissolving in the white wine
(Scanning the faces for a sign of life)

I can't be cool
like I was
'cause I was never...
I never thought it would last forever
I can remember
when we were happy together
I can't just watch
like the last lucky guy who lost
your heart
I can't take another fall
in love
at any rate, at any cost

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