Lena Smith Carter


Lena Smith Carter is an internationally traveled concert artist who has sung the poetry of the world in seven languages across America and around the world. She is a graduate of Central State University (OH) with a B. S. in Music Education, a graduate of Miami University (OH) with an M.Mus. in Perf…

Fortune, fame, fortitude reign,
But draw not the tame-spirited
From their lofty perch
As distinction never clouds the space
Claimed to trace the paths of attraction!

Calm, drawn subliminally over intervals,
Graced by desire and formed in fascination
Of ponderous depths!

A quality born of ancestral lingerings,
Buried sweetnesses,
Perceived prissiness,
Beauty of a privet and convergence
Of shades, shadows, textures
Becomes an almost civet-scented incantation.

c. Poetic Universalisms I by Lena Smith Carter, 2006.

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