William John

All the truth

I am born and brought up in Kerala state, in India. In Kerala, Thrissur city is my native place and now I am residing at Kadavoor village in Ernakulam district.I am a senior lawyer at The High Court of Kerala. Literary talents all dwelt in my blood from my very birth itself. From, while studying in…

Not so known, all secrets, secrets-
What all known, so public, public,
Wearing, wearing, so necessity, necessity-
And so making necessity, many times,
Why the eyes, so pulsed,oh pulsed?
And throbbing, throbbing the soul, whole soul?
All so lighted, went out, went out?
Inner chest, oh suffered the most?
Far ago some one told, so told so-
Far ago so told to someone, see,
Far ago so told oh something-
On one day, so told, oh something,
Striking on the face, some one told-
Striking on the face, something told,
Striking on the face, some where told-
All so told, so striking on the face,
What's so in the corner of thy eyes?
What's so,what's so in between?

What's so in thy eyes, so dark?
What so seen and what to see?
Oh please come, all ornamented-
Oh so come out, come out, please,
As do blossomed, come oh come-
And be mine, oh forever, grace,
All so happened, good oh good-
All so happened bad, all bad,
What all seen, so seen oh seen-
What so taken, taken, all taken,
All the virtuous coming, coming-
With all great songs coming, coming,
All so coming,forever friendship-
All the brightest, oh so coming,
Burrow of the poor snake, snake-
So gone with the snake-
What all, seen,seen the snake-
All so gone, with the snake, snake .

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