Lucian Tower

All the knots in life

I began writing Lyrics, short stories, and poetry some 43-years-ago. When I was in high school, during the 60s, I met the great Robert Frost. He spoke to me about my real elementary attempts at writing and poetry. He took some time with me, after assembly hall and told me to not stop writing. Now, …

Why must somebody weigh another
as to whom is suitable or not?
Nobody should be judgmental...
as to whom is unfavorable, with all the knots --
  in life.

It is told by the elders that good and bad
are entwined together up until the change of life.
From there each will split apart in two passages;
there we choose which to follow --
  the Light or strife.

Everything in this life certainly changes;
all of Creation, even the universe.
Being judgmental is not on stable ground;
as is all life everyday and what people say --
  about whom is adverse.

This poet doesn't understand people sometimes...