Tamara Hart

All hallows eve

hello I am a 50yr old mother of five and grandmother of seven. i just recently married my best friend of ten years, i dont know what took us so long, all i know is that we were meant to be he is truly my soul mate. about 20yrs ago i wrote all the time i managed to put together a book of poems calleā€¦

bump goes a sound in the deep dark night
ghost swoop and whail causing fright

pumpkins eyes carved and all aglow
sinister beings you hope never to know

this is all hallows eve, you best beware
its out to get you, it knows your there

in the corner, under the creaking stairs
when you scream there's no one who cares

so run and hide if you think you can
your knees shake in fright, one scared man

bump goes a sound in the deep dark night
this is how you will end, lost in shear fright

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