Nikki Henderson


 My angel, my angel
 The first breath in my life
 Where I felt glad to be here
 So blessed to be alive
The very first time
 I felt something other than pain
 Coming into a safe place
 Finally out of the rain
I smelled your hair
 And put my cheeks to your face
 As I felt you take over
 My darkest place
And fill it with light
 Laughter and love
 Oh my....I never imagined
 That I could be one
One of those people
 That He would entrust
 With one of His angels
 To cherish and love
With every fiber of my being
 I do love you my son
 Unconditional and unwavering
 Life's best kind of love
To be called a mother is a great gift indeed
 And for whatever reason He lent you to me
 I thank Him, I thank Him for my most precious one
 I thank the Heavenly Father for you my son