Amir Samji


To be one with God, need spiritual affection
Your spiritual search, get you sacred reaction
Search in mental space to get back reflection
Browse with your mental cursor in inclination

Its the serene way of searching incarnation
That's the only spiritual mod of satisfaction
It glorifies your glory with mental combustion
Takes its own time, gives a great satisfaction

Not a physical but is a part of mental operation
Continued concentrated thoughts, raise ignition
You feel the joy, unable to give any expression
Beauty of divine instinct is in spiritual inspiration

All are curious to know source of emanation
Search with insight, will find the connection
Being a materialistic not see, origin in action
Lost in beauty of world, forget real intention

In fact someone is above us in this imagination
He's controlling us with His power of intention!
To be high in place, need to practice meditation
Honesty, & piety, with ethics lead you to accession