A World View

This world, what a world, this one that we live... so tainted, so jaded, so inevitably confused.
We have an Infinite access to immoral perversions, sins and obsessions, as for doctors and counselors help is never for free. Those who want it, need it, aren’t able to get it. Those who can buy it are too ignorant to care. Even or especially those with faith, even though they are redeemed, reject the help God has placed here for them because it can not be seen. Afraid of what they don’t understand, labeling it evil. It looks as if Satan won that battle,for now. He wants the worst for you, why would he want you to seek help, to succeed? When you are weakest and most vulnerable is when he is able to do the most damage... its not hard to push you off the horse when you don’t have a saddle.