Norman Wilson

A Walk in the Light

IntroductionForgotten are the times the tick of a clock once chimed sobering sounds that caressed my hearts nightly dreams. As I awaken to the touch of light that burns upon a candles wick flickering my words for all to see. This drives my thoughts through the darkest of nights of loneliness that r…

A Walk in the Light

To walk in the light is to find ones way
and to walk in the dark is to stumble
 and fall and loose ones direction

We shall walk together hand in hand
and share in the light
 as we have left the darkness behind.

The riches of the heart have made me a wealthy man
that only I can find.

Join in my heart as we shall join together
and share in the riches that were meant to be.

As I was once blind because my mind could not see.

Now that my mind is clear after i nave found you
my vision is clear as our life together gets near.

Believe in our love as I believe we are loved
and we shall have no fear.