Often Honest

A tall (it)... All.

If the darkness was as dim
as the light I feel within
I expect I would not see anything
at all
but I've seen things much bleaker
in my head, on the street or
in the voice of the bird as it sings
it all

that bird sings oh so high
I'd wager that he'd rather cry
not able to do any speaking
at all
I'd lend him a stray tear
I don't believe he could hear
anyway I'm mumbling
it all

I just want someone one to say, "hey, Roy...
I know it hurts, I've felt it too, Roy."
but they ain't got no stake in this game
at all
they've said, "come on, it could be worse, boy
other's have it much worse, boy."
driving the deepest part of shame through
it all

I woke up today to beat the sunrise
we couldn't see anything knew in our eyes
which didn't surprise either of us we wouldn't fit
at all
and tonight I bet we'll turn toward a moonrise
take some sleep to rebound and to reprise
which might help me or they or us not to quit
it all

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