michael walker

A Souls Unspoken Words

Flowing off a tongue, words seeped in soul contemplation
a thought stored in one's heart, voiced in consternation
for meaning, greater than a hollowness in a mute enounce
wrought through by doubt, of why they should so resound.

Spoken in that twisted language known for it's unknowing
captures whispering word, of another's thoughts bestowing
it upon a limited and descriptive, burst in quiet verse
there lays a beauty, in truth shyly locked away in time.

For all who may doubt, the winds of thought's so brought
despair in one's seeking for more than soul thought words
a clarity is that said, which comes from heart not head
truth, quiet shouted nouns or verbs, so completely read.

To waste away and forget on one moment's truth and shame
is to face, one more daring and fear filled day to come
for a word to become as closed, within an unspoken soul
is to languish in a void, as one's true thoughts unfold.

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