Deepak Kumar Pattanayak

A sad state of affairs

A sad state of affairs
Full moon or crescent
A crumb or a crust
Of a little bread
Neither interests her I
Nor appetite teases her
To look greedily aslant at food
But work of sting or sweet
Makes her longing for good
And what we see in our midst
Honesty and industry
Falling prey to people nasty
Degrading herself
To men more debased than herself
She cruises along streets for a job
Only to find victimized
At the hands of wealthy beasts
And her frail body supposed
To be the temple of God
Serving to the monster of wealth
Oh! what a pity
To see men of wealth
Succumbing very often
To sensuality and frivolity
Forgetting sense of duty
And pity for human beings
Supposed to be God's
Ever sacred things…………..