A Rainbow's Lament

Poetry is, and should be, the essence of a person. Like a painting, a fingerprint, or the unique way each person's eyes sparkle, poetry cannot be copied or replicated. That's what I love about it. I write to get stuff off my chest. I write in the hopes that someone out there understands how I feel.…

There is a method to my madness
and my technicolor soul.
Live beside me and you'll notice
I am the one who makes you whole.

I'll fill you up with sunshine
in yellow rays to make you ache
with a hunger for more of me.
Just how much can you take?

I'll be your blue sky baby
and the grass beneath your feet.
a vivid overdose of color
for you to breathe and sleep and eat.

Pots of gold need rainbows;
my spectrum fits you like a glove;
say goodbye to gray days, darling:
I'm your favorite shade of love.

© Poetry.com