eliseo guerrero cervantes

A Paranoia of Sorts

The thought (and sight) of a bot, blow,
Sand, tsetse, fruit and a "musca domestica"
Near or on my burger and fries and--
The reality of flying bullets everywhere--
These fearsome, lonesome days are reasons
Why any invitation--to go to a place
Like the one featured in the movie
("The Last Married Couple in America"),
I saw one late-late night, many years ago...
Does not appeal to me. And it's not the chili.
In this day and age of "legal-tender"
Paranoia, I like the security of dining out--
Dining in, "within four walls" where
There's a uniformed "guardia" by the door.
So when I have a taste for burger and fries,
I go to where (especially when I'm also really,
Really thirsty) my thirst is slaked by my
Helping myself with a refill or two.
Thank God, there is such a place.

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