Ahmad Al_khatat

A Long Walk

I started writing poems since I was ten years old, Most of my poems are free verse or proses.Which talked about sad dark and wild romance .Even some ones talking politics.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prose_poetryhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_verse ahmad4all_2@hotmail.comMontreal - Canada Thank …

I smoked my first cigarette of the morning,
On the last one in the cigarettes pack and drunk
My cup of dark coffee, ready for a long walk alone.

I walked and memories restarted recollecting
Over my mind from every corner of the street,
Just by smelling your scent from the city figures.

I stopped by the tree who hid us from the world,
Where we had our own time alone, love sprays over
Our eyes close them so we cuddle for our first kiss.

Where I felt that you unlock the door of my heart
To flood of your emotions inside me, but why did I keep
The pain in my heart as secret and just smiled to you.

I looked at the last hanging dried multi-colored leaf
On the branch of the same tree, that reminded me of you and
You promised to stay with me, as long as our love is deep.

It also reminded me of my last thoughts I wrote about
My feelings to you in the spring, then you arose in my world on
Summer, and cried your soul away from your body, and spent

The Christmas by myself with your picture in my heart,
Moaning from will Valentine, who kept ignoring my presence,
Without bringing you for a visit in a dream, so I could feel free

For once a way of writing endless griefs of missing you,
That made me waste my age like a fast speed train, that only
Stop at the station of my depression whenever I am very drunk.


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