A lonely child

A lonely child

A lonely child on an empty street,
Walking slowly wit bear feet,
Tired and hungry, I happen to meet,
With tearful eyes he looked at me,

Such a beautiful child left alone,
To struggle and live on his own,
How cruel life could be,
How on comfy beds the rich could sleep,

And how could god just sit up there,
Not a little...make us care,
His small face so painfully said,
"Can u buy me a piece of bread",

It buried a whole inside my heart,
With everything I had...I could have part,
I took his hand and made him sit,
He was real I had to believe,

"Y are u here, do u have a home,
Who left u here to live alone",
Then he smiled in the strangest way,
It seemed to me that I met god then n there,

With a smiling face he told me things,
Those still in this moment in my ears ring,
He told me he had a mother, who was old,
His father was dead...that's what he was told,

"I don't remember his face,
I don't remember his name,
I don't even know from where he came",
"Since he's dead I am the man of the house,

I have a mad mother for who I look out"
"I am just six but my hair is grey,
But u r the first one to have ever cared
To have taken my hand or stories have shared",

Hearing all this I started to weep,
Quickly he got up and started to leave,
Did I scare u is all I could ask.
A smile on his face stuck like a mask,

"NO dear lady it's getting late,
My mother at our home... this bread awaits,
U gave a loaf but its mine to share",
At this all I could do is just stand n stare...

Something in me changed that night,
As if my conscience had won a fight,
I earn enf n I spend a lot,
Buying dresses n things even if many I have got,

I will help people like tat orphan child from now,
Coz every day in front of god I have to bow,
What will I tell him i ignored the poor?
I gave big gifts to only those who were near,

How can I ignore the msg he sent,
Now it is my time to learn and repent......

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