Victor Gatenby

A Life For Today

My name is Victor John Gatenby, born in 1958 and native of North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom. I am a researcher of genealogy and started to write poetry in 2002, after retiring from public service. Having a creative and compassionate mind, for helping people, that is in my scope to do, I fin…

Take it easy upon your self,
as each second,minute and
hours go by.
Enjoy your life,I hear,
forget what is passed,
don't worry,don't cry.
Lift up your spirits,
lift up your heart,
let all sorrow,troubles and
burden go.
Throw them away in the
rubbish cart.
Do this today,
for you and you alone.
Do not impress,
or overdress.
There is no need.
Live for today,as the only way
and to take heed.