Kev Green

A lesson in Bullying

Just a person who might have suffered more than his fair share of suffering but still lives to tell the tale. Found writing and writing found me. Everything I do is dedicated to my dear Wife and children Emma and Jamie and my mentor Rob Middlehurst.

The damage is done, it can't be reversed,
A victim of bullies - I hadn't rehearsed.
It wasn't a fist, it wasn't a stick,
The method of torment they chose to inflict.

I'm hard on the outside so inside they went,
attacking my psyche with vicious intent.
Like wolves work together, devising a plan,
The aim to make suffer as best as they can.

They start Chinese whispers that fast start to flow--
Cast looks of raw evil so clear to show.
It wasn't the damage that so made me hurt,
It was more that my brothers could treat me like dirt.