Amir Samji

A home is not a home without a Mom

A home is not a home without a Mom

A home is not a home without a Mom

Feel her need in absence of; at home

Does everything sitting on Mom's throne
Without her you can't imagine of home

You like it or not; she is queen of home
Since baby is born; is enthrone on throne
It's her divinely kingdom being loving Mom
Keeps giving & teaching discipline at home

Without her society fall apart; remain no norms
p*ss an icon of civilized society; beauty of homes
What you see around; indebted to her being Mom
If you deserted from her; will be homeless in term

What learn from her; is limited to her; being Mom

This sort of training is available; only at home

She is Chancellor of her University with all norms
On completion; award a degree in humanity as Mom

Sacrifices she renders; can't compare at any platform
Your tutor after birth; not charging a Penny being Mom

Indebted to her from head to toe; always respect Mom

Chaos sees in society; as we forgot to respect as Mom