A heartless trample




There goes an ant
Not leading a hand-to-mouth life ;
For future needs he saves
In a music of life ;
Carrying milli-loads by collective efforts
For use in individual ill-health.

No revolutionary or pedantic ideas in him
Not Eating any seasoned soups or baked food
No hope for a high class living
Nor any agenda to be executed
Doctors , engineers and artists
And even poets dwell in him in unison.

Nothing about me he knows
Thinks , me his great benevolent God
As I am the biggest and greatest for him
Till I leave him undisturbed
Or push him into a mystic death
By an inattentive trample.

(Looking through the eyes of an ant, humans are gigantic things and the ant does not see him full, from any corner. Human beings are also like that, having their own limitations.)