Christina Thornton

A Heart's Curse

I am not so much a woman scorned as I am a woman forlorn
 Grown tired of loving a man that professes that he cannot love her back
 Not because she unworthy of his love, but because of superficial things
 Such as the hair on my head is not the color of the sun, it is raven black
 Yet his confession to his friends is that this same woman is
 Absolutely everything that he desires
 Minus the fact that she lacks the body that sets his soul on fire
 She is not the image of the fabled translucent beauty
 That he always rhapsodizes of
 And after so many years of rivers of tears
 She has decided to give up on this love
 So instead of hating you like most women would do,
 These are my final words to you--
May you forever roam the world searching for the girl that may not exist
 I hope that you never get blessed with true love's kiss
 I pray that your shining armor rust with the wind
 And the love that you hunger for never show itself to you again.
 Maybe one day you will find out what its like to love someone like you
 To have your heart crushed incessantly and your dreams to never come true
 To have to hear for numerous years of how your desires are not fulfilled
 Yet you choose to constantly look past me
 And if you persist to seek with only your human eyes
 Then they never will be.