A Good Man

Heaven had claimed another angel,
Which left us hurt and mingled,
As our heart muddled and jumbled,
Thy sadness within continue abundled,

A regret of mine for there's no goodbye,
No more buts or another try,
No more tears to shed or cry,
The truth hurts and would not lie,

An incomplete journey of his,
All the dreams that he may had missed,
Maybe it's a blessing, maybe it's a bliss,
As he lay in peace, we will bequeath a kiss.

All his good we shall remember,
How he approaches things in a wonderful manner,
Never was him, in our eye a sinner,
His amazing self makes him a winner.

Nothing can replace this man,
Past memories we shall keep for as long as we can,
Without him the world seems like a forsaken land,
We shall miss him dearly for he is our friend.

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