Christopher Azakor Nwakwesi

A gift at valentine

I am a Nigerian and a financial economist with diverse occupational experiences as a banker,career civil servant,petroleum economist and insurance man.I write poetry and short stories with many public and private appearances.To me poetry is a heritage because I came from a background where great an…

I try to give away
What no one can take away
I cannot empty the river n*gg*r
The aquatic love breed from Futa-Djalon
I cannot give the island of Bakassi
The flowers are dead and love has flown
Only gray leaves wander with the winds
I can only give a very small purse
With love and duty inside
The glowing happiness and beauty
Take little locket this
The dept and dream of my desire
Put into your pocket
At the tip-top
Close to the heart
And never look inside
When boys and girls are there.