Bill Kurple

A Dance

Shall we dance you and I?
The music is delicious
The song seems without end
Shall we – as I attempted to be gracious

We swirled and laughed
As the music mastered our pace
Your touch- your laughter
Heated the musical embrace

The song came to end
Your hand gently slipped from mine
We laughed and caught our breath
While my mind raced to extend our time

But my awkwardness prevailed
You rejoined your friends
I quickly left the dance floor
The exhilaration of the dance at end

Another song began
Another young man had this dance
As I watched – a flame burning in my heart
There was no one else I cared to advance

So I stood and watched
Your so delicate movements
The sound of your voice occasioned through the music
Created a longing- a desire-a disappointment