BlackAngel Evo

A Cry For Help

I miss your bare touch on my pink flushed cheeks
 Your warm breath on the nape of my neck
 I miss your sweet kisses
 And your oh so gentle touch

 It's been a while since I've seen you
 And it's driving me mad
 I don't know if I can go on
 As I've been really sad

 I've never felt this lost
 Or in need of a hug
 It's all I asked for
 You're all I need

 I tried to talk
 But all you did was ignore
 I felt lost and lonely
 With no escape

 Confused, down and desperate
 I held up the blade
 Lost in my thoughts
 Admiring its gleaming power

 I pictured an image
 It brought a smirk to my face
 It was kind of twisted
 And it made me sad

 I knew it wouldn't solve much
 But I decided to try
 So I held the blade down
 And sent out a cry

 It slithered through my skin
 So easily it did
Relief I felt

So I pressed down a little harder
 as the blood poured down

 Tears streaming down
 I couldn't believe
 Has this is what it's come to ?

 U'v changed me so much
 Look what I've become
 I should've stayed away
 I really wish I did

 But it's too late now
 No turning back
 So i pressed a little harder
 As it all turned black