eliseo guerrero cervantes

A Brotherhood Of A Few (2)

The Rhodes scholar is doing what he does
So well--devote his time unselfishly
To serving the public that hold him up
In high esteem--for all that he was...and,
For all that he is, most especially
To his equally esteemed and devoted wife.
And, of course, the one who bears his father's
Good name and is well--on his way in bringing
And keeping honor to the same, is why I feel
That his notoriously maverick soul will carry
Us all through...'til his boots are out of the
House and back to his ranch--to hang and dry.
America remains strong and powerful and--
For good, the "one-true envy of the world."
And one reason, a big one--hands down, is
This brotherhood of few men--extraordinaire,
Addressed--for life, a most respected
And distinguished title, "Mr. President."

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