A Bridge

Poetry is what makes me whole and keeps me sane all at the same time. You are born a poet, a storyteller, it is a part of what you are, a great gift from God. You can be taught to put words on paper, only those with a poet's Soul can make you feel those words deeply! I hope all of you feel me. :-)

A tear fell today as it dawned on me
Some people are still slaves to their minds and society
A malnourished child struggling to survive
Disgust and distaste in passer byers eyes
A young girl always told she is a 'Ho'
Can not believe that is not her or
God's goal!
A father in a heated rage
Kills his own child because,
He is a drug slave!
A grandmother says,
I just got my nails done!
I am not keeping your hard heads,
Girl, I got to run!
Her struggling daughter with tears in her eyes
Working two jobs, wishing she had never been a bride!
Our lives they cross in
Different times and places, our
Souls open up,
Showing many different faces
In this life for me, many tears have been shed but,
Tears will not quench hearts that have truly been bled
In this universe on this planet
We all have grace we take for granted
I want to wrap you in my arms and
Softly kiss you with peace as
Healing tears fall to give you release
If tears are not enough
Take my body it's not much
Release your agony and despair,
I know joy is what you lust
Beat and batter this body,
I will sacrifice all for you, trust
Each tear I cry will be a bridge that will help,
Heal us!

1 January 2010