Jana Satterlund

a breath of insomnia

I wrote my first poem at the age of 10. Although I enjoyed reading and writing poetry, I didn't truly appreciate it until a few years ago. At 21 I started really writing for myself as a release. It has surely become my escape, my late night ritual, my confession. I feel honored to be a part of this…


The sun shies from me
I’ve abandoned her again.
The night wants me too
but I don’t sleep.
I think of what I always knew,
and you, I think of you.

The sun peeks into me,
I shy from her again.
Succumbing for a moment or two,
finally I sleep.
I dream my realities untrue,
and you, I dream of you.

The sun slips down to me,
I sigh with her again.
The night will want me soon
but I can’t sleep.
I long for what I can’t undo,
and you, I long for you.

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