Lori Dixon

A Blink

My name is Lori DixonWriting poems, short stories has always been a passion of mine. Writing is my way to deal, understand my own thoughts, feelings.Most of my writing is deep and emotional.Writing my poems is a freedom for me.As I begin to write each word describing my feelings, thoughts, it allow…

In a blink of an
Things can change,
and no amount of preparation, can
stop it.
There is no second guessing, or changing your mind.
Once that moment has passed.
You can never gain it back.
There is no time machine, to rewrite our choices,
and choose better, or a different way.
In a blink of an eye.
You have to decide
to do the right thing.
For you.
In a blink of an eye.

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By Lorianne Dixon

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