Charles Frederick Mosley

A beautiful flower

A beautiful flower lays beyond the pond.Slightly touched with a wand.A magnificent beauty it is to see.The sun sunshine on it so free.The flower just a flower in the wild.A flower so tender,a flower so mild.Decorated by the beauty that it is.A flower so tender and mild as this.Yet this one is a special flower that is yet not ever seen.A flower to decorate any where that it would please.To be such a beautiful flower a flower that is brave.A flower that will never be under a grave.To see it's magnificent beauty sufficient such as gold.This flower stands out from all the rest cause this flower is bold.A flower that stands out from any flower seen.This flower is not an ordinary flower this flower has a meaning.A flower that stands out from all the rest.A flower that stands out from all the flowers as the best.A flower that will bring very good luck to by anybody that has crossed.Crossed the pond to see this flower because this flower is lost.Such a beautiful flower though wich could be close to your soul.Though you would have to cross this special pond to see this magnificent,beautiful,special flower grow.