11 and 10

Undergraduate student at San Diego State! Double major in Sociology and World Religions. I am slowly turning into a philosopher. Just started writing poetry about 9 months ago when my mom told me that my biological father wrote really good poetry.

It’s been forever
I thought I’d never
See you again
Last time I saw you
Was when we were
11 and 10

11 and 10
You were my best friend
When I moved away
I have to say
I thought it was the end
But here we are again
Just as beautiful now
As you were back then

11 and 10
It wasn’t the end
But I can’t pretend
Like we didn’t
Fool around back then
Just to see your face
Beauty and Grace
Even only as a friend

So today
When I say
I feel like a little kid
It’s what you did
No I couldn’t forget
Not one little bit
So take me back then
To 11 and 10

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