Kumar Kamal


100504-a girl is born w/ tulips and songs
Red,red,roses dance and doll--
Temple bells call and call
all the preachers,worshippers young,old,bold
to let know the Arrival of this doll
100504-she`s now 21
She says every sin has its song
Every song its gaul
Rainbow cuts the sky of summery shawl w/ the
shawl of sadness blooming in my hall
She doesn`t love me;Yet I fall
Everytime she rejects me I toss the rills of
rejections with my moghul
100504-arti`s is 21;I hope someday she`ll
come to apprehend the pain,the desperation
the loneliness that she me on poured
Making me devoid of all senses,sights
consolations;Go ye 21 burn more Troy
Neglecting me so long

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