Jawahar Gupta

/// imbibe my inner honey ///

 Climbing on the silken thread of time
 I am trying to reach its roots
 In the cool breeze under the sky
 Like a thirsty man looking for harbor
 Floating on the sea of words.

Pour your overflow
 From every pore of your body
 Making life to live the best
 Every ephemeral moment
 Flowing on the face of time

Your words grow on the lips of silence
 Like the ringing bells in the forgotten temples
 Come and wander in fertile ground of my heart.
 And you will forget to ask your path
 In the harmonious natural music of without notes

Imbibe my inner honey and free me from the expectation of tomorrow
 Take away weight of only desire from side of my shoulder to get freedom

~~~~~~Jawahar Gupta ~~~~~

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