Miguel V. Melendez Sv

- Folders -

And when we glue the fist with the artist
Let the arts go out, just like the shop carts
And if the thorns adorn and mourn
Use your ears like horns, fight against the scorns
And breathe the new air, live in remodeled environments.
When the crystals shatter
Skip the pieces when they batter.
And if you are old
Abandons the old scold
You hold the control,
But let the folders to fold
And when you are missed
There is no need to be p*ss*d
Assist your tooth whiteness
Let the smile be your dentist.
And if you fail
No matter if you are female or male
Don't move like a snail
You have not an inserted nail.
And if you are consoled
Let the folders to fold,
Let the folders to fold,
Let the folders to fold!

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